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Welcome to Quixotic Entertainment, your ticket into the poetic, lyrical, and musical mind of Erez Kats, aka Electric E.  Check out everything that I have to offer on this site; Hopefully Quixotic Entertainment will nourish your mind, excite and captivate you, or possibly light a fire in your belly. If it gives you hope, inspires you, and makes you dream, I believe I have done my job!

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Electric E  has released three full albums and an EP. The first is entitled Babylon Music , and contains 11 songs. The Second is entitled Three Sides To Every Story , and features 11 songs, 3 of which also have Instrumental versions. The third is entitled Sight Unseen, and includes 10 new songs, 3 of which have instrumental versions. Each can be purchased as a full album, or as singles. The EP entitled Ella , contains 4 songs , which can also be purchased as singles.

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M. Erez Kats has 3 poetry books available - Journey Into Pictures, Fractions of Light, and Kiss of the Snake - all available as both Ebooks and paperbacks. Io Vagabondo: Stories From Abroad  is an autobiographical prose novel, written under the pen name, Michael Rosebush, and is also available on both Ebook and paperback. All 3 books (with the exception of Journey Into Pictures) are also available as audiobooks exclusively on Audible/ACX.


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"Multilingual poeticisms. Raging bastions of white noise manipulated into bittersweet melodicism. Harmonies that test the limits of their own construction."

"Electric E isn’t afraid to pick up the pieces of past glories (including ones predating his own career) and forge something that a modern audience can grow to celebrate as their own in more ways than one."

"In a competitive scene like Seattle’s...Sight Unseen and Ella hit us with a collective ninety minutes of pure experimental bliss...I would recommend giving Electric E some of your time this autumn simply to experience melodic brilliance at its most untamed."

-Mark Druery, Indieshark Music Magazine


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