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Fractions of Light (Ebook)

Fractions of Light (Ebook)


Poetry Ebook - part 1 of the "Journey Into Pictures" Trilogy:


Here is a collection of poems spanning the period from my late teenage years into my early twenties. It is a coming-of-age story told through the constant reflection and self-analysis to which I have always been prone. It deals, first and foremost, with the love of a young woman, a love that is never attained. It also drifts into a cleverly philosophical, sometimes inspirational, often times angst-ridden or frustrated, and occasionally auto-biographical, musical, or even comedic reality. With the diction of these poems, I hope to draw the reader into the human mind and the human heart. Hailing from the same town as Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson, I feel that a reader might find it easy, in the language of these poems, to evoke the imagery of a young man lost in the forest, facing the choice of multiple directions and trying somehow to find his way through obviously unmarked trails. There is clearly no right or wrong way to go on this path through the woods, the one which represents the true journey I was on - the voyage from boyhood to manhood.


Product details:


  • Print length, 112 pages
  • Language, English
  • Publication date: October 23, 2018
    • File size : 220 KB
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