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Ella (EP)

Ella (EP)

SKU: 196554729495

Includes 4 songs:  (Ella - English & Spanish versions) (Got to Have It) (Again and Again) Released 2020. "Ella" is a beautiful Spanish song that showcases the soulful voice of its singer. The song is a romantic ballad that tells the story of a woman who has captured the heart of the singer. The melody is rich and enchanting, with a captivating rhythm that will make you want to dance. This song is perfect for anyone who loves passionate and romantic music, and it is sure to become a favorite of those who appreciate the beauty of the Spanish language. So, add "Ella" to your playlist, along with its two other amazing pop songs/ballads, and let its enchanting melody transport you to a world of romance and passion. The EP is truly a must own!

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